Established in 2014'

our story

          It all started with a young boy watching his father tackle DIY projects around the home. Growing up in a household where working with your hands was considered most rewarding, it ended up becoming a major attribute, leading him to his current career today. After years of high school shop classes where he picked up his passion for creating things with natural materials, he participated in a CO-OP program. Originally interested in wood working & carpentry, he applied to apprentice with many carpenters. Unfortunately, options were very limited at that time. Instead of becoming discouraged Ian took a former teacher's recommendation to heart and took a look into the renovation industry. Now, Ian's grandfather was a master plumber and his great grandfather was a skilled carpenter by trade. With this in mind, he decided to try it out, intrigued by the fact that renovations tackle every aspect of the home. He went to work as an "apprentice" along side an established contractor based in Brampton, Ontario. Pretty soon he had decided that this is what he loved doing and continues to love it day in and day out. Soon after iLevel Contracting was born.
             iLevel Contracting tackles just about everything when it comes to residential construction. From your original vision to the completion of your project iLevel is there with you every step of the way. Inserting "level" in our name assures our clients that everything is installed with absolute precision and completed to your satisfaction. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. We walk into every project with a sense of PRIDE, which reflects who we are and the quality of the services that we provide. At the end of the day no clients are left unsatisfied with our service & workmanship. We have established a wonderful reputation with the public for providing immense kindness and communication, resulting in a successful renovation every time.                                                         
                                                                  - • 2019 • - 

           After 4 years of being a "one man" operation, Rene Bal recently joins iLevel Contracting in 2019'. His wealth  of experience and broad knowledge was brought in to help with the day-to-day operations of the business and, on-site labour to keep active and involved in the process.
                                                                   - • 2021 • - 

            We sadly had to say farewell to our heart and soul, our rock and, our level-headed teammate & mother to our family, Lorna J Bal. She was a woman of infinite wisdom that embraced life for what it was and, woke up each day with enthusiasm, encouragement and determination to help keep our family's health and positivity in check. Lorna did more than we could have ever asked for by giving us a hand with certain parts of our operation such as being our office receptionist & manager, human resources manager, customer service specialist and most important of all the Mother Hen to this family. This was a woman who cared more about others than she did about herself, giving back to those less fortunate and expecting nothing in return. She'll be dearly missed by us all!

            During the pandemic, business intensified and we were faced with making the leap to add an additional member. As of July, Nadia Pozzebon has join the iTeam. Having a past history with Ian during his tenure at Humber College taking the Home Renovation Technician Program,. With that, it was a quick an easy decision for us to take the leap to have her jump on board to help her get back into the industry. Her punctuality, drive, creativity and background knowledge of the industry proves to be an quality asset for us, no doubt about it!

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